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JD Business Consulting Group was initiated in 2016 when the founder and lead consultant, Jamid Dewani, saw a genuine need amongst startups and small businesses to be educated on strategies to survive amongst a competitive market. Many small businesses struggle with similar issues such as maintaining a loyal customer base, maintaining a stable profit margin and retaining staff in the workplace, amongst many issues.

We are startup and small businesses experts, we aim to provide tailor-made solutions to aid startups and small businesses to tackle any issues they have or simply to help them build their business journey. Whether its a conceptual idea which needs to be put into form, or a small business with many years of service struggling to keep up – we can help you!

Our focus is startups and small business and provide a wide range of services at reasonable and affordable prices. We also collaborate with a diverse range of businesses to provide you with the best possible service to suit your needs.

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Contact us on (03)8764 6281 or submit your  inquiry online.

As a small business owner for a few years, I needed assistance in boosting my existing business. I approached JD Business Consulting Group for help and it has been a great experience working with them. The service was exceptional, timely and affordable. I highly recommend JD Business Consulting Group to any start-up or small business owner.

Founder & CEO, Conceptualco

JD Business Consulting was able to provide us with customised Business Plan and pricing was affordable. Thank you.

George Martin
George Martin

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