our approach

We are startup and small businesses experts, we aim to provide tailor-made solutions to aid startups and small businesses to tackle any issues they have or simply to help them build their business journey. Whether its a conceptual idea which needs to be put into form, or a small business with many years of service struggling to keep up – we can help you!

Our focus is startups and small business and provide a wide range of services at reasonable and affordable prices. We also collaborate with a diverse range of businesses to provide you with the best possible service to suit your needs.

Our Consulting Process


This is a very important step in consulting. It involves collecting data that can be used to analyse the underlying issues / problems.


Data gathered in step-1 will be analysed to identify opportunities and threats.


Possible and feasible strategies will be developed to determine which resources are required to formulate the plan of action.


 Implementing solutions formulated in step – 3

Follow up

Follow up with the business / enterprise at two different stages to check status. First follow up at 3 months and second follow up at 6 months.

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