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Jamid Dewani

Lead Business Consultant
With over 10 years of experience in industry and academic sectors focusing on Hospitality and Business Management specialties. He has broad international experience…

Joe Cicala

Joe Cicala

Business Improvement Specialist
As a Business Consultant, Joe is able to combine his 30 years of marketing, sales, management, customer service and business operations experience  to help business owners realise the ……

Bill Ferme

Senior Business Consultant
Bill is an experienced management consultant, he has practiced for many years as a business consultant on ERP with Cap Gemini in Europe and as a manufacturing…

Farhan Ahmed

Financial Advisor / Consultant
An accountant, auditor and finance professional with 20+ years of Australian and global experience with FMCG, I.T, accounting/ audit firms, Australian government…

Chimwemwe Nkhoma

Business Consultant
Chimwemwe has a vast experience in the industry; primarily focusing on providing  business and Information Technology solutions. Graduate from Monash University…

Umar mushtaq

Umar Mushtaq

Content writer

With more than six years of experience in journalism, Umar has extensively written feature articles for various newspapers and is actively involved in editing news…..

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As a small business owner for a few years, I needed assistance in boosting my existing business. I approached JD Business Consulting Group for help and it has been a great experience working with them. The service was exceptional, timely and affordable. I highly recommend JD Business Consulting Group to any start-up or small business owner.

Founder & CEO, Conceptualco

JD Business Consulting was able to provide us with customised Business Plan and pricing was affordable. Thank you.

George Martin
George Martin