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We offer marketing strategies for small businesses, well-constructed marketing plan done by experts will allow your business to satisfy the customers, outshine your competitors and carve a niche in the competitive market. Let it be traditional marketing or digital marketing we can guide you through the process. End to end guidance from the result driven consulting team can assist you from the execution of the marketing plan to the success.

It is a world of smart phones, tablets and smart watches ! Customers can contact you from anywhere, anytime or from any device. It is the right time to place your footprints in online marketing. We can take out the tension and exhaustion of running SEO/SEM functions for your business. Be that for hospitality, engineering, manufacturing or services, business consultants at JD Business Consulting group will make sure you receive the best results.

Still struggling to reach the target audience in your Facebook advertisement or no success in developing the business. Social media experts at JD business Consulting are able to assist you in Facebook advertising. We can create the target audiences, write attractive content and make a successful Facebook page for your business. We have developed social media marketing strategies for small businesses. Contact us today to find out more!

Google adwords is one of the most popular online marketing tools which uses brief advertisements, service offerings and video contents to google users. When done right, google adwords can bring astonishing results for your business. Here at JD Business Consulting group we make sure our clients get the best results from the adwords in a low budget (PPC – Pay-per-click). Not only that, we can prepare you and your staff members on how to use this valuable tool in Marketing.

Without a proper strategy, a business can disperse all over. That is why your business require a professional guidance, well-structured business plan with a competitive strategy. Most effective business plans are dynamic and authentic to your business and industry. It will contain, strategy plan, competitor analysis, customer analysis, industry analysis, SWOT analysis and most importantly risk analysis to assist the business in unexpected situations.

As a professional service group, we will stand by your side till you reach your goals and success.


Effective Email marketing can convert a prospect in to customer within short time span. That is why, as a small business owner you need a successful Email campaign today more than ever. Most business owner don’t have enough time or expertise to excel in this method. At JD Business Consulting Group, with experienced professional management consultants, we know what headline will grab the customers attention, that won’t end up in spam folder. Let the experts do the job for you while you have chance to work on the business.

It encompasses all the electronic forms of communication and marketing, such as E mail marketing, SEO, social media and connecting prospective client through the website. It is the time for your business to set the digital footprint. Make your business visible to the online customers from all around the world. Right content, target audiences, timing on social media posts and creative graphical content will make sure your business achieve the best results. Here, at JD Business Consulting group we can guide you on suitable platforms or methods for your small business. Most importantly, we will do the digital marketing for YOU !

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